Friday, April 15, 2016

A "Depraved and Obscene" Letter

The beautiful Lambeth Palace, seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury, is on the south side of the Thames. A walker strolling down Lambeth Palace Road would no doubt be staring across the river at the Houses of Parliament. Thus, there is an easy-to-miss unmarked door set into the brick wall of the palace. There is a doorbell - which, if rung, and if you are expected - will gain you admission to the library. The library has been much modernized since the sketch here was made (courtesy of But the setting is no less impressive and silent. A strange place indeed to read an "depraved and obscene" letter allegedly written by a clergyman. In the letter posted to Mrs. Heard, the writer shared his desires: "I long to cuddle you and hug you, besides kissing and undressing you." He longs to again experience "the weight of your crossed feet over my bottom." That is the quotable part of the letter, the real "naughty bits" - never before published - can all be found in the story of the Rev. Charles William Alfred Brooke, one of five included in the new Kindle E-book, Clerical Errors - A Victorian Series, Volume 1. 

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